The Trudeau Legacy: Massive spending with nothing to show for it

By 2019, Justin Trudeau had piled on more debt than any prime minister in Canadian history (aside from the few who fought a world war or major recession during their tenure). Even as the taxes paid by Canadians soared to the highest levels on record, government spending rose much more.

A staggering $72.7 billion was added to the national debt during Justin Trudeau’s first four years in power, and the deficit this year will reach almost $26 billion. As a result, Canadians will be saddled with an additional $100 billion of debt by the end of this fiscal year.

What’s worse is that so much of the money has been wasted. There is nothing to show for $100 billion in spending and there is no evidence that it generated any growth – the healthy Canadian economy was driven by a booming real estate market and record low interest rates, not government largesse.

Never in Canadian history has so much been spent to achieve so little.

All this spending must eventually be paid for – that means higher taxes in the future or less money for the social programs that Canadians and their families depend on.

We will all have to pay for Justin Trudeau’s mistakes. Canadians deserve to know what they got as a result of the biggest government spending bonanza in Canadian history.

That is why Conservatives created The Waste Report.

Revenues, spending and deficits are measured in billions of Canadian dollars.
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